RDI Resource Design Inc

3-D Visualization and Planning


Academic History of Dr. Ken Fairhurst, President and Owner


Ph.D., 2010

Univ. Brit. Col., Faculty of Graduate Studies (Forestry)

M.Sc. Faculty of Forestry, 1980

Park and Recreation Resources

Univ. Brit. Col., Forest Resources Management

Experience / News

Ken Fairhurst is a recognized specialist in the many aspects of Visual Resource Management, and has dedicated his career to this pursuit. 

RDI has been the principal VRM specialist of the Kamloops Business Area of BC Timber Sales for 7 years and has just successfully won the  competition as VRM specialist for up to 6 years (renewable annually).

Dr. Fairhurst was invited by the US Forest Service April, 2017 to make a presentation at their workshop on visualization with the purpose of updating the group about "what's happening" in British Columbia. Fairhurst-Portland-170421-OK.pdf

Professional Associations

Association of B.C. Professional Foresters

Western Forestry Contractors Association

Collaborative for Advanced Landscape Planning, Univ. Brit. Col.


The RDI CV can be downloaded here.